45 Unit Housing Association Estate

The average Pre works building energy rating (BER) was a D1, the average Post works BER is a A3, with the average energy uplift of over 150kWh per unit.

Energy upgrade measures completed:

Attic insulation: 300mm of mineral wool insulation was installed in all top floor homes. Insulation of all tanks and pipes. Roof ventilation.

Windows and doors: The front door was replaced with a composite door. All existing windows were replaced with triple glazed UPVC windows.

Air to water heat pump: The existing gas boilers were decommissioned and removed. 5kW air to water heat pumps were installed in their place. 80% of the existing radiators were retained as they were in good condition and the complied with the heat loss indicator requirements. All of the under sized radiators were replaced with suitably sized radiators and new flow and return pipework, along with a factory insulated 170L cylinder which provides a constant supply of hot water. The existing heating system was power flushed and a magnetic filter was installed.

LED bulbs: All internal light bulbs were upgraded to LED.

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