Attic Insulation.

Kingdom Installation Insulation Kerry Ireland

If you have inadequate insulation in your roof, up to 30% of your heat can escape, costing you money. If you already have insulation in your roof area you may want to replace it or add another layer to improve its performance and bring it up to current Building Regulation Standards.

Insulating a 50m2 attic space of a typical house costs around €400 and savings of €130 could be made in a year so it would pay for itself in three years.

Fiberglass quilt or mineral fibre is rolled between the joists and a second layer in the opposite direction over the joists. Shredded mineral fibre or cellulose fibre can also be blown into the attic between and above the joists.

We also insulate and install rubber draught excluders around attic hatches in order to minimize cold air from entering the habitable area. All water tanks in attics are insulated, as are all water pipes. Walkways are installed to all water tanks.