Dry Lining.

Kingdom Installation Insulation Kerry Ireland

If your home is built using solid wall or hollow block construction methods, cavity fill insulation is not an option. Internal insulation (sometimes referred to as 'dry-lining') involves fixing insulation to the inner surfaces of your external walls. This usually involves fixing an insulation board to the walls and covering it with a vapour barrier layer and plasterboard.

At Kingdom installation we have a team of professional trades who will install the insulated plasterboard and skim finish your walls. The work is quite labour intensive, involving the repositioning of skirting boards, electrical sockets, Switches and any other wall attachments but the benefits are very rewarding in terms of annual savings. Savings of between €150 - €300 per year on your heating bills can be expected for a typical detached house.

Another big incentive is that there are grants in place of between €1500 - €4500 depending on your property type, for completing internal dry-lining works to an existing domestic house.