External Wall Insulation.

Kingdom Installation Insulation Kerry Ireland

External wall insulation is an innovative solution for older homes which don't have cavity walls. If you do not have cavity walls, it is likely you have solid walls instead. Solid wall properties were built up until the 1930s in most parts of the country. Solid walls are harder to insulate and lose more heat than cavity walls, but there are measures you can take to maximise the insulation of the walls.

This insulation will minimise heat loss in the winter, saving you money on your heating bills and preventing your home getting too warm in the summer, helping to keep your home at a more comfortable temperature. It is also available in a wide choice of colours and textures and can enhance the appearance of your home substantially.

According to research twice as much heat could be lost through an un-insulated solid wall as through an un-insulated cavity wall. However the great news is that solid walls can be insulated, both internally and externally and perhaps more importantly, grants are available making it a very economical proposition.